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Al Reem Island , Abu Dhabi

Reem Island Shams

Reem Island Shams is a landmark residential, retail and commercial community off the northeastern coast of Abu Dhabi city. Urban parkland and high-rise buildings combine for cosmopolitan city living that incorporates key amenities like schools, malls, a beach, a marina and a university.

Land Overview

  • Landbank - project overview - size

    Starting size

    22,230 sqm

  • Landbank - project overview - payment plan

    Payment Options

    Flexible payment plans

Landbank - Land use -Mixed Use Mixed use (Residential / Retail)
Close to Gate Towers

Shams Central Park

University, beach and marina nearby

Close to Sun & Sky Towers

Close to Boutik Mall

Close to Repton School

Landbank - reasons to buy - 75mn

Our land spans over 75 million sqm of Abu Dhabi

Landbank - reasons to buy - competitive prices

Competitive prices

Landbank - reasons to buy - land usage

Different land usage

Landbank - reasons to buy - enabled land

Enabled land

Landbank - reasons to buy - payment plan

Flexible payment plans

Landbank - reasons to buy - risk yields

Risk adjusted yields

Landbank - reasons to buy - upside potential

Significant upside potential

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